The Peculiar Truth about Terrance Gore

photo: MLB
  • Terrance Gore made his Major League Baseball debut with the Kansas City Royals in 2014.
  • That season, he appeared in just 11 games with only 2 plate appearances. He got no hits or walks. Yet he stole 5 bases and scored 5 runs. How?
  • Because the Royals used Gore almost exclusively as a pinch runner.
  • Terrance Gore is only 5’7” tall, but he’s incredibly fast.
  • In the 2014 World Series, he was used in just one game strictly as a pinch runner, his only World Series appearance ever. The Royals lost to the Giants.
  • In 2015, Gore appeared in only 9 regular season games. Not due to injuries. He just wasn’t used much. No hits or walks. 3 stolen bases.
  • In the postseason, he appeared in 2 playoff games, both times used only as a pinch runner. No steals, no runs scored.
  • Gore was left off the 2015 World Series roster. But the Royals won, so Terrance Gore received a World Series ring… his first.
  • He had a better season in 2016: Seventeen games. Still no hits or walks. Only 3 plate appearances. But 11 steals.
  • The Royals released him after the 2017 season. The Cubs signed him.
  • In 2018, Gore got his first major league hit — a single up the middle off Max Scherzer — his only hit after 5 years in the Majors.
  • Kansas City signed him again in 2019, and Gore had his best year: 57 plate appearances, 14 hits, 6 walks, 13 stolen bags. But then the Royals let him go.
  • He signed with the Dodgers during the Covid-shortened 2020 season. Gore appeared in just 2 regular season games strictly as a pinch runner, but he stole no bases and scored no runs.
  • The Dodgers placed him on the NLDS roster, but he sat on the bench. He didn’t make the NLCS or World Series rosters.
  • Then LA won it all, and Gore got his second ring. Despite doing virtually nothing all season.
  • He spent all of the 2021 regular season in the Minor Leagues with the Gwinnett Stripers, the Atlanta Braves’ AAA affiliate. He played in no regular season games for the Braves.
  • But they put Gore on their roster throughout the playoffs.
  • He appeared in only one playoff game in the first round against Milwaukee as a pinch runner. He didn’t steal or score. He didn’t play in any other postseason games.
  • Then Atlanta won the World Series, and Gore received his third ring. Despite doing virtually nothing.
  • Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski, Ernie Banks, Tony Gwynn, Barry Bonds, Ichiro Suzuki — those baseball legends never won a single World Series ring.
  • Terrance Gore, an unknown bench player with comparatively no impact on the sport, has three.

Dan is the author of over a dozen novels. His latest is Tight Five.




Dan is the author of over a dozen novels. His latest is Tight Five. He publishes The Peculiar Truth weekly.

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Dan Spencer

Dan Spencer

Dan is the author of over a dozen novels. His latest is Tight Five. He publishes The Peculiar Truth weekly.

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